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The best herbicides for strawberries from weeds


Useful properties of this berry are known since the times of ancient Rome. Berry helps to update the blood, destroys various viruses in it. Vitamins and minerals contained in strawberries strengthen the body, increase the stability of the immune system. To protect the berry, you can use herbicides.

Is it possible to protect strawberries from weeds?

Weed grass on the beds of our garden interferes with the normal growth of crops, significantly reduces their productivity. Fighting undesirable plants is possible manually or use special means to protect against weeds.

By the way, for the strawberry the second option is preferable. You will be able to quickly and fairly effectively eliminate the problem, saving time and effort.

At various stages of growth, strawberry bushes are exposed to the negative effects of weeds, which actively absorb nutrients from the soil, water, form erosion in the ground, stifle seedlings, and reduce the ability of fruits to bear fruit.

Mechanical weed removal may not always help.

What can be used?

To prepare the beds for planting strawberry seedlings, you must perform certain measures to get rid of weeds.

Mechanical weeding does not always lead to the desired result, and manufacturers today are encouraged to use the best herbicides, which are chemical compositions for the destruction of unwanted vegetation.

Herbicides are applied before the formation of the ovary. This should be done in May or June, or after harvesting the last crops.

What is a herbicide and its benefits?

Herbicides are continuous action or selective. The first group destroys all vegetation on the beds, the second is valid selectively.

Herbicides of continuous action remove all vegetation

Strawberry herbicides belong to the second group, as they protect the culture from weeds. These can be powders or emulsions diluted with pure water with respect for proportions.

The herbicides applied over strawberries make it possible to lower the amount of growing weeds in the future, strengthen planted bushes, increase and maintain their yield.

How to handle for protection

It is believed that herbicides need to handle strawberry beds. several times throughout the year:

  • before planting seedlings in the spring;
  • in their first month of growth;
  • during the summer period;
  • in the fall;
  • in the next couple of years.

If you decide to process with herbicides at the very beginning of the landing periodwhen the weed has not yet begun its growth, it is recommended to use Galtikas (two kg per hectare of the plot) or Betanal (three liters per 1 ha). They should perform a couple of treatments.

With the active growth of weeds Glyphosate will do. These compounds are used during the activation of weeds, spend at least two treatments. Having applied such chemical composition, it is possible to forget about manual weeding for a long period.

But the systemic herbicide formulations are suitable in the case when it is necessary to destroy the grass at the time of intensive growth of strawberries.

It is believed that the grass is actively growing in the first month after planting strawberries. Therefore, Dactal, which is considered an effective remedy for weeds from the grass family, should be used immediately.

Get rid from dicots best of all by Fenmedifam (21 grams per liter of water), Desmedifam (71 grams), and Etofumezam (112 grams). A mixture of these compounds is made in the amount of one and a half liters per hectare of land on wet soil.

During the summer should use the PUB or Prism, which is most often used from perennials and annuals. Not bad established herbicides containing Klopiralida. They penetrate plants through foliage.

Lontrel is effective against dandelions

To prepare the solution, three hundred grams of the composition per liter of water is taken, the consumption per hectare is five hundred ml of the composition. If the plot wildly overgrown dandelions, sorrel, chamomile, plantain, sow thistle - use Lontrel 300-D. Five milliliters of the composition is enough for a liter of water, and one hundred square meters can be treated with five liters of the solution obtained.

At first autumn season winter plants are controlled by Sinbar or Devrinol. But the first composition can destroy the weak strawberry plants, so you need to make sure that your berry variety is able to tolerate Sinbar.

If there is a need to carry out two treatments, then it should be ensured that the dosage of drugs in the total amount does not exceed the marginal limits for one season. The action of drugs passes through the soil, so that they should be made on wet ground.

Removing leaves in autumn, must be used by Lenacil. This composition is excellent protect against weeds, acts mainly on dicotyledonous plants. After completing the treatment, it is not necessary to loosen the beds for several weeks.

In the autumn, after removing strawberry leaves, the soil should be treated with Lenacil
Autumn herbicides can cause harm to animals and even people, so that when they are made, you should follow the precautions, strictly adhere to the dosage.

Herbicide Types

All herbicidal formulations permitted for use on home gardens are considered systemic - penetrate plants.

The most common are the following compounds - Tornado, Roundup, Graun Bio. They should be applied to visible areas of plants - foliage, stems, flowers.

Poisonous compounds absorbed by the pores of weeds, reach their root system. The main advantage of such compounds is that they absolutely do not harm the soil. So after their use, you can almost immediately plant crops.

Consider in more detail the properties of the two means:

Roundup - universal composition, is used in almost all plants. It has no soil activity, is used before planting crops. If you work on the requirements of the instructions, the composition will not create a danger to people and animals.


Tornado - the second most popular tool. After its application, the plants turn yellow after one and a half to two weeks, and after about the same period they completely die. After processing this composition, planting strawberries can begin in a few days.

Herbicide does not pose a danger to animals and bees, but is considered poisonous to fish. During the work it is necessary to protect the mucous eye.

Glyph - solution based on water. Applied to weed vegetation, works on annuals and dicotyledonous weeds, for which eighty milliliters of the drug is used for a bucket of water. For perennials, the dosage is increased by 40 ml.


Do not forget that strawberries are considered a perennial plant. After removing the entire crop, work on the beds should not be stopped. It is necessary to remove the antennae, water the planting, feed the bushes and treat with herbicides. All these measures will give you good yields in the future.