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7 quick ways to harvest dried mushrooms


Ryzhiki belong to the first category of mushrooms. They can be served in various ways of harvesting for the winter. Moreover, drying is used not all. Some believe that after such a thermal process, the product has a sugary taste. For others, it is, on the contrary, an interesting flavor of dried mushrooms, allowing you to add a dish of originality.

Specificity of drying mushrooms

Ryzhiki - agaric mushrooms that are more difficult to prepare for drying than others. It is strictly forbidden to wash mushrooms. Dirt, leaves and moss are removed manually. Before cooking dried mushrooms, it is recommended to soak them in salt water. This will get rid of trash.

Large specimens should be cut into several parts, small ones should be dried completely. And on the same baking sheet should be the same size pieces to achieve their simultaneous drying.

Ready dried mushrooms should be stored in a dry and dark place. You can use a glass or metal container.

Since they absorb moisture well, the humidity level in the room should be minimal. Otherwise they may deteriorate.

How to dry mushrooms

There are many ways to make dried mushrooms. They differ in the speed and specificity of the process. Everyone chooses a suitable option for him.

In the oven

To begin with, mushrooms are laid out on a baking tray, pre-paved with parchment paper. The temperature in the oven is set to 45 degrees. As soon as mushrooms cease to be sticky, the temperature should be raised to 75-80 degrees. In the process it is important to constantly mix the pieces so that they are evenly prepared and not burned. The oven door should not be completely closed. It is necessary for the organization of air ventilation and release of moist air to the outside.

In order for the mushrooms to dry quickly, it is necessary to provide air access to the oven.

In the microwave

This is the fastest way to prepare for the winter. For this, prepared raw materials are laid out on a glass tray. They must be the same size to be prepared at the same time. 15 minutes after working the microwave, you need to open the door and look at the mushrooms. If water is released, it must be drained. Otherwise, the mushrooms will not dry, and cook. For complete product availability, it takes 2-3 cycles of 20 minutes each and ventilation for 2-3 minutes with the door open.

In the process of drying, you need to periodically drain the water separated by mushrooms.

Drying in the electric dryer

Electrodryer - a special device that allows to provide a specialized process of drying mushrooms. In this case, all the grids are filled with the same sized mushrooms.

Exposed temperature of about 55 degrees, no more. Literally in 6-7 hours the product will be ready. The advantage of this method of preparation is that you do not need to follow the process. The device is programmed to self-control. A dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux will help in this. Mushrooms are loaded on pallets, which are placed on top of each other and that's it. You can go and do your own thing.

The electric dryer eliminates unnecessary trouble and helps you quickly prepare dried mushrooms.

Drying on a string

The peculiarity of drying mushrooms on a string is that it is done in the shade. They can not be hung out under the scorching sun. Moreover, humidity also plays an important role. It should be minimal. Ryzhiki thread on a cotton thread, leaving between them a little space. On one thread should be approximately the same size mushrooms. This method of drying takes 7-8 days.

Drying in natural conditions will take more time - about a week.

In the Russian stove

It is possible to dry mushrooms according to the grandmother’s method with the help of the Russian stove. This is one of the old and proven methods of procurement. For this pre-prepared mushrooms are laid out on the grid. So that they do not burn, several bricks are installed on the bottom of the furnace. Previously, mushrooms were invested directly on the straw. She also absorbed moisture. The temperature in the furnace should not be more than 60 degrees, otherwise they will burn. To achieve proper ventilation, the chimney flap is gradually closed.

Mushrooms, dried in the Russian oven, have a unique flavor

In convection oven

The recommended drying temperature in the convection oven is 70-80 degrees. The speed is the highest. To ensure the release of humid air from the device between the cover and the case, a skewer is installed as a small gap. The whole drying process will take about an hour and a half. It all depends on the power of aerogrill and the size of the mushroom blanks.

Convection will help dry the mushrooms for 30 minutes, but the process must be monitored

Over the stove

Drying the mushrooms over the stove is not the best way of all. Since it takes about three days. In addition, at this time it does not cost anything to cook on the stove. Otherwise, the mushrooms will absorb all the new flavors, and lose their unique taste and smell. You can dry the mushrooms over the stove by hanging them on a cotton thread. And at a distance of 0.5 m from an open fire. If it is closer, the thread may burn out.

If you hang mushrooms on a string above the stove, they will dry 2 times faster

How to know that the mushroom is ready

If you break a mushroom a little, you need to look at its pulp. If there is moisture inside, it is worth continuing the drying process. When the saffron milk inside is completely dry, the work is completed. Wait for them to cool and fold them into containers.

Ryzhiki - delicious mushrooms, which after drying can give a specific bitterness. Most housewives agree that it is better to salt mushrooms. But dried mushrooms are also fragrant and tasty. Of these, you can cook a lot of dishes, and even use in a ground form as a seasoning for meat.

And so that the winter ration includes the maximum amount of vitamins, we advise you to prepare also dried carrots for first courses and dried pumpkin for baking.