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A detailed description and description of the type of tomato banana


Recently Banana tomato variety has not heard anything yet. But a newcomer to the market gardening industry quickly gained popularity due to the fact that it was zoned specifically for the middle zone. These tomatoes give excellent yields, excellent fruit in greenhouses and in the open field. To date, there are several varieties of banana tomatoes, which differ mainly in the color of the fruit. The description and characteristics of this variety are given below.

Description and characteristic of a grade of tomatoes Banana

The unpretentious and easily cultivated tomato variety Banana is found in three varieties:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • pink.

Surprisingly, Red Banana is the most widely spread.. It belongs to the early varieties and can give a crop after 95 days after germination. The bushes are not very tall, but under certain conditions their height can exceed 1 meter. Up to 10 fruits of rather large size are formed on each hand.

A distinctive characteristic of the variety is that it tolerates short-term drought and heat well. A sharp drop in temperature is also not a big deal for Banana. Gardeners noted that these tomatoes have increased resistance to late blight, which is another positive quality.

The fruits are oblong, dense, fleshy. Ideal for both fresh consumption and canning. The weight of one fruit can vary from 50 to 100 grams. It tolerates transportation, has excellent keeping quality. The color of both red and pink and yellow Bananas is uniform, very beautiful. Due to this, tomatoes have a good presentation and are suitable for trade.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Banana has excellent taste

With careful study of the characteristics and reviews, it becomes obvious that the tomato variety Banana has much more advantages than disadvantages. First of all, this should include:

  • excellent seed germination;
  • a good transplant tolerance;
  • doesn't need tying up;
  • together blooms;
  • fruits are almost the same size and shape;
  • resilience to major diseases and weather conditions.

But there are some drawbacks. They are connected, first of all, with taste. As practicing gardeners note, the variety of banana tomatoes is somewhat dry, due to which the fruit taste is fresh and not pronounced. But in conservation, he deserves a lot of praise.

Requirements for soil for planting

Nutritious soil for tomatoes

Tomato Banana prefers loose and nutritious soil for good growth. For seedlings, you can purchase ready-made soil mixture for tomatoes. But the land prepared on its own must also be decontaminated so that all pathogens of fungal diseases die. To this end, the prepared soil is calcined in a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Sowing rules

Tomato seeds are sown in peat pots or other suitable containers. It is necessary to sow for a couple of months before the seedlings are planned to be transplanted to a permanent place of growth.

In the prepared soil make a deepening of a couple of centimeters, no more. If it is deeper, the seeds will sprout for a very long time. After that, sowing is performed and the container is covered with polyethylene or glass. This will create a greenhouse climate.

Sowing tomato seeds in a plastic container

After sowing, tomatoes need to provide long-lasting bright lighting. The room temperature should be maintained at + 20-25 degrees. Watering is carried out as the soil dries.

Sowing should be periodically ventilated and to avoid stagnant moisture. Otherwise, the harm will be greater than from drying out.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Tomatoes are planted in the open ground after the threat of night frost has passed and the night temperature stably fixes on the positive mark of the thermometer. Transplant the plants so that 4 bushes fit into 1 square meter.

Banana should be hardened before planting

Before planting seedlings on the garden, it must be hardened. For this purpose, the boxes are carried out to the open air every day for a couple of weeks. The first time in the open air they are left for an hour, and then gradually increase the time and bring it to full days. For planting choose a sunny place, protected from the wind.

Grade care after transplanting

After disembarking the garden, tomatoes need some care. Watering them should be carried out under the root, trying not to wet the leaves. Its frequency depends on how quickly the soil dries on the site. It is best to perform this procedure in the morning or in the evening. Every 2 weeks you should try to apply fertilizer.

After planting, Banana seedlings should be watered at the root.

Weeding - also a necessary measure of care for tomatoes variety Banana. In order to prevent fungal diseases, the soil is periodically treated with fungicidal preparations.

If the need arises, grown plants can be tied up. But in no case it is impossible to overstretch the stem, otherwise the fruiting will never come.

Diseases and their prevention

Tomato Banana is resistant to late blight disease, but the plant breeders have not taken care of resistance to other fungal diseases. That is why the soil on a tomato bed must be treated with fungicides.

Signs of Cladosporiosis on Tomato

Dangerous disease is kladosporiosis. If preventive measures are not taken on time, the bush may die completely. The main preventive measures are pre-sowing seed treatment and prophylactic fungicide treatment. A Bordeaux mixture is a good disinfectant that can help combat many diseases and pests on the site.

Tomato Banana is affected by whitefly

Tomatoes can be affected by a pest such as the whitefly. It is she who causes enormous damage to plants. To combat it, it is good to use the drug Commander or Spark.

Tomato harvest and storage rules

The harvest of tomatoes varieties Banana spend as ripening fruits. As a rule, they ripen together and almost simultaneously. In order to harvest more harvest, brown (or slightly yellowed, depending on the species) fruits are also torn down. For a few days they will dope in the sun. Tastes will be exactly the same as that of ripe tomato on the bush. Harvesting is stopped by the time the outside air temperature is set at +5 degrees or there are threats of cold rain. By this time all the fruits must be harvested and the tops pulled out.

Due to the dense consistency of the fruit of the tomato Banana, storage takes place perfectly and for a long time.

Store banana tomatoes should be in wooden boxes. They are laid there in rows, selecting unripe fruits of good quality. After that the box is sent to a cool non-residential premises. Shelf life is about a couple of months. but under good conditions, the crop could be maintained for 3 months.


Tomato Banana is ideal for growing in the middle lane. Summer residents simply delighted with this variety and gladly recommend it for growing to all gardeners. Despite the fact that These tomatoes are not very suitable for the production of tomato juice, in canning and for fresh consumption, they are just perfect. And to grow a banana is not difficult, because the culture is unpretentious and resistant to damage by pests and diseases.