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5 ways to cook dried pineapple


Dried pineapple is a unique additive for different dishes. Those who love him can add both to meat, and to pastries, and to ice cream. You get both gastronomic pleasure and benefits from the use of dried fruit. Potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other useful substances are components of this product.

Preparation for drying

Before drying, you need to peel and cut the pineapple

Get pineapples in the supermarket. It's okay if they are a little unripe. It is important that the ripening process is completed at home. Just leave them in a ventilated and warm place.

Do not leave fruit in bags, the fermentation process will begin quickly, the crust will soften and become covered with mold.

Do not dry pineapple unripe. So you get a sour dried fruit. Wait until you feel the sweet smell of it. When the fruit is ready for drying, place it on a cutting board and cut about 3 centimeters from the top and 1 cm from the bottom. Next, peel off the skin, which is sufficiently raised and tough, so it is better to take an ordinary knife for cleaning.

When cleaning, try to keep a maximum of the pulp after removing the core. Its diameter varies from 1.5 cm to 3. Next, cut the fruit into cubes or slices.

Only mature pineapple is suitable for drying.

If dried fruits are needed as an additive to tea, ice cream, porridge - cut the pineapple into cubes. If as an additive in compote and meat dishes - washers. Try to cut the cubes and washers thinly and evenly, so that the dried fruits can dry completely.

Pineapple drying methods

There are several ways to dry fruits and vegetables. The most common: it is in the oven, in an electric dryer, in the air or the sun and above the stove. These methods can be successfully dried and wilted plum, melon, prepare chips from citrus fruits.

Dried pineapple diced in the oven

After drying, you can sprinkle the pineapple with sugar and make candied fruits.

Put baking paper on the pans, lay the finished pineapple slices on top in 1 row. Ensure that the pieces are evenly distributed. Otherwise, they can remain moist in those places where there was a congestion. Preheat oven to 65 degrees and can send fruit to dry. 24 - 36 hours - and they are ready. In a similar way it turns out to make delicious dried zucchini and candied pumpkin sugar.

The temperature of the oven should not be more than 75 degrees.

A minus of a way - if to forget about time, then pineapple will turn out very rigid. Literally rubber.

In the dryer

Slices of pineapple in an electric drier

For a good dried product, a VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer is used. Such dried fruits are stored for several months. To do this, you need to lay out on coasters in one layer. Make sure they touch each other as little as possible. On average, this citrus will be dried for 35-37 hours. The temperature in the dehydrator should reach 57-60 degrees.

You can also dry canned pineapples, but there are preservatives and sugar is added. A more natural product is obtained from fresh fruit.

There are no downsides to this method of drying, and it is successfully used for drying potatoes for the winter and carrots.

In the sun

Sun Dried Pineapple

If desired, prepare a honey syrup, where you can pre-dip the slices for more sweetness. 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of honey and 3 glasses of water.

Next, drag gauze (2-3 layers) wide form. Put pineapples on cheesecloth. Top with at least 1 layer of bandage to protect the fruit from insects. If it's 30-degree heat outside, they will dry out in 4 days. Just do not forget to bring the fruit into the house at night so that it does not absorb moisture. The first weeks of storage, check the dried fruit. If you find moldy pieces, discard them so that it does not grab well-dried slices. In addition to fruit, this method is also suitable for the preparation of dried onions and pomegranate peels.

A minus of a way - insects, in particular flies and bees, will sit down on a product.

On the windowsill

Dried pineapple on the windowsill

All the same, as when drying in the sun, only on the windowsill. Put the form on the sunny side. It should be hot outside (+30 degrees Celsius). If you cut the pineapple thickly, you can install glass above the shape, and do not forget to ensure good air circulation for the fruit.

Under the glass temperature will be even higher. But make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on the fruit, as the gauze can simply burn

The disadvantage of the method is an unlikely, but still possible, fire.

Over the stove

Pineapple rings after drying over the stove

This method is more suitable for pineapples, cut into rings. Hang fruit near a hob (or heated wall) on a linen rope. Apply gauze on top of the 2 layers so that the fruit remains clean. The duration of such drying is different for everyone, because someone in the house is cooler, someone warmer. Approximately 2 weeks.

Do not hang pineapples directly above the plate, as the fruit will absorb the smells of the prepared food.

The minus of the method is the longest drying time. Ability to absorb odors.

Dried pineapple

To dry pineapples you need to cut a little larger than for drying. The difference between drying and drying is that when drying the product is exposed to temperature, and when dried, the product is subjected to a constant cold air flow. To make dried fruit, put it on a canvas rope, wrap it in cheesecloth and hang it in a ventilated room.

Dried pineapple preserves more nutrients and vitamins.

Perhaps on the street, if the temperature is not above 15 degrees. This is to ensure that the flow of wind / draft does not allow the product to rot. They will wilt not less than 2 weeks. As a result, you will get a slightly damp, fibrous product.

When dried, these citrus fruits will retain a maximum of vitamins and nutrients, since they were not exposed to temperature effects.

Dried fruits can be used as a snack. Despite the high content of calories (per 100g 347 kcal), this product has a good effect on the digestive system and is even able to reduce appetite. Actively stimulates brain activity, enriches the body with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. Enriched with B vitamins and others.