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How to make a pyramid for strawberries with your own hands


Almost every gardener has a strawberry bed in his plot. The berry is tasty, and in order to have a good harvest, one should not only choose the right variety, but also organize the proper planting and further care of the bushes. One of the ways - the device pyramids. It is suitable for small household plots, helps to speed up the ripening period of strawberries by almost a week, and it decorates the garden unusually.

What is a pyramid for strawberries?

These are vertical beds made in various configurations. in the form of shelves of metal or wood. You can use car tires, pipes, plastic bottles, flower pots, etc.

Arrange such pyramids in greenhouse conditions and on unprotected soil. There are craftsmen who manage to place a bed of this shape, even on the balcony.

The advantages and disadvantages of growing

This option of planting strawberries makes it possible to more efficiently use the beds, save time and labor during cultivation, and improve yields.

The latter conditions are considered indisputable advantages. Strawberry bushes planted in this way are arranged one above the other without taking up much space.

The shape of the flower bed in the form of a pyramid allows you to reduce the time of ripening strawberries and increase productivity

Yield may increase fivefoldwhen compared with conventional plantings. For a strawberry bush to develop well and produce a crop, it needs free space up to thirty centimeters in height. This method greatly facilitates the care associated with the removal of whiskers, watering, the introduction of fertilizing compounds, harvesting.

Almost completely eliminated the necessary event to remove weeds. The costs associated with irrigation, fertilizer application and spraying from harmful parasites are saved. The berries do not come into contact with the soil, they always remain clean. They are clearly visible when harvesting.

Another positive side of this method is that strawberry plantings are not susceptible to gray mold, the root system is not threatened by moles and other pests.

How to make a pyramid for strawberries do it yourself

For the manufacture of the pyramid with their own hands under the cultivation of strawberries, there are several ways. But the first stage is drawing up a drawing flower beds step by step.

Drawing pyramid for strawberries

In addition, certain tools will be required:

  • hammer;
  • Rabitz;
  • nails;
  • PVC pipe or asbestos.

Material selection and manufacturing

If we use boards, they can be pretreated with a planer. Now follows from the chain-link to make the basis. On the grid set the box of boards, which is the first tier, the soil composition is poured.

The height of the tiers is recommended to arrange the same, so that the bed turned out to be easy to use and presentable in appearance.

In the central part follows install pipeby making holes in it for watering. Having fixed the pipe, the compost unfolds on a layer of earth.

The same principle establishes the remaining tiers, the size of which gradually decreases.

You can make a round strawberry pyramid using old car tires of different diameter. For the lower level the best from the wheel of heavy vehicles, the following levels are gradually reduced. The width of the land layers should allow planting berry bushes.

For the arrangement of such beds should clear the place, prepare a hole for the diameter of a large tire. Its depth must be equal half wheel height. The upper part of the tire is trimmed. At the bottom of the settling of the drainage of a two-centimeter layer of expanded clay, filled with soil composition.

By the same principle other tiers are settling down. To the pyramid of such material is not destroyed by the effects of heavy rain, its height should not exceed one and a half meters.

Lovers of creative solutions are offered several ways to not only save space in the garden, but also to decorate it. In such cases, for the manufacture can be used barrels and pipes various diameters cut into rings.

The wooden version can be made from boxeswhich are set on each other and fixed according to the same principle as the board pyramid.

Pyramid of plastic bottles

Use and plastic bottleswhich are attached to the wall or pipe with ropes. Each bush is planted in one bush. Bottles can be replaced with plastic bags. On the sides you can make cuts in which to plant strawberry bushes.

Will fit and flower potsmounted on stands or mounted on trellis.

Choosing a place to install

When designing, it is necessary to take into account that one of its sides is directed strictly to the north.

It is also necessary stand horizontalif the plot for the installation of flower beds is planned to be located on a slope. Weed vegetation needs to be removed, it’s better not to dig up the ground - structured soil will be needed for strawberries. If the pyramid is planned on the former beds, it is necessary to fertilize the earth with humus or compost.

Under the base is recommended to lay a netting netto protect the pyramid from moles. When installing each tier, they are fixed, the soil composition prepared for planting is filled up.

To protect against rodents under the bottom of the first tier you need to lay a rabits

Watering and gardening

Growing berries does not imply special care. It is necessary to irrigate, remove weeds and mustache, not allowing them to take root.

For watering need capacity and hose.

It is better if the sleeve is perforated so as not to make holes on its own. One end of the hose, laid on the pyramid of the snake, is muffled, the second is connected to the tank in which there is water intended for irrigation.

When arranging the pyramids for strawberries, you can use a variety of materials. But if your plans to use such a facility for several years, you should do it durable and reliable. Height is determined by taking into account ease of care and harvest.

Pyramid is recommended for winter cover with plastic wrap, which will increase the duration of fruiting berry.