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Detailed description and characteristics of sweet pepper varieties Atlant


Most gardeners grow on their plots Atlanta sweet pepper variety is very popular because of its characteristics. Vegetable has a high yield, great taste, attractive appearance. Red-colored Percina simply riveted on his eyes and in the garden, and in various dishes.

Sweet pepper Atlant: description and characteristics

Bushes look pretty modest. Plant sizes are medium, not very sprawling.. Foliage is medium and not numerous, if you compare Atlas with other varieties.

But the fruits, when they begin to ripen, delight the eye. By their forms they resemble large cones, fleshy and crunchy, dense to the touch. To taste the pepper is sweet and juicy.

In the section you can see three compartments filled with seeds. The wall thickness is six millimeters, one pepper weighs about one hundred and sixty grams.

Gardeners claim that they grew specimens whose weight reached four hundred grams. The maximum width of the fruit - eight centimeters, length - fifteen.

According to the description, after the appearance of the first shoots one hundred thirty - one hundred forty days are needed before the final maturationtechnical maturity comes a couple of weeks earlier.

The fruit in this period reaches its maximum size, its shade becomes light green.

Productivity is high, with every square meter can be collected from three to five kilograms of fruit. And if you hurry with growing seedlings, then there is an opportunity to collect two harvests.

But it is worth noting that the second season will be low-yielding.

After the appearance of the first shoots before the final maturation, 130-140 days are needed.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Him caloric content reaches 27 kcal per hundred grams of vegetable. The red saturation is due to the presence of the pigment lycopene, which is considered a natural antioxidant.

The composition of pepper contains vitamins and mineral components. Pepper contains such an amount of citric acid that Atlas occupies the undisputed leadership among lemons and black currants.

Pepper helps to strengthen blood vessels., has a prophylactic effect in amnesia, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis.

Digestion is improved with it., intestinal peristalsis is stabilized, protection against malignant tumors is created.

Low calorie level makes the product a regular ingredient in most diets and fasting days.

If the pepper is simply included in the normal menu, giving up sauces and mayonnaise, then there is an opportunity to get rid of a couple of extra kilos without any restrictions on food.

Doctors prohibit people who suffer from an ulcer or gastritis from using pepper.ischemia, epilepsy, hypertension. Many people cannot eat fresh pepper, but after heat treatment, it no longer creates uncomfortable sensations in the stomach.

It is harmful to use pepper to people suffering from an ulcer or gastritis, ischemia, epilepsy, hypertension

Planting seeds

Planting material soaked for a couple of hours in water. As soon as they swell, should be shifted to the manganese mixture, not very strong, light-pink hue.

Then the seeds should be washed with running water and placed for ten hours in a chemical solution that stimulates growth.

Seeding is carried out in cassettes.As a rule, this is done in early February.

Important: tanks for planting should have drainage holes so that the root system does not rot.

The soil is replaced by special purchased land. for growing vegetables, peppers and flowers. If you want to prepare the soil yourself, then just mix sand with humus, add a little ash.

Such measures will increase the percentage germination of shoots. When filling in the tank, the soil is not rammed, it remains loose and light.

Seeds are soaked for several hours in water, then in potassium permanganate and growth stimulator.

On the day of planting the soil should be slightly moistened, spilling it with a solution of manganese. Pencil arranged small wells, the depth of which does not exceed one and a half centimeters.

From a deeper distance, the seeds may not ascend, they will start to rot in the ground.

The seeds laid in the holes are covered with soil and watered with warm water. So that the seeds are not washed out of the soil, sprayer recommended.

If you did everything right, then the first shoots may appear on the fifth day.

Seedling germination conditions

Sprouted shoots are placed in a well-lit place. If it is necessary, the additional lighting is organized.

Watering seedlings only needs warm water.so that the pepper does not stop growing and starts to hurt.

For a couple of weeks, seedlings intended for transplantation into the ground begin to harden, bringing it to the fresh air every day and gradually increasing its time on the street.

At the same time, seedlings can be supported with fertilizers.

Seedlings are placed in a well-lit place, watered with warm water.

Transplantation in open ground

Peppers should be planted in the ground at the end of May.as soon as the weather is warm. The roots of seedlings are processed by growth stimulants.

The compactness of the bushes Atlanta allows you to plant seedlings according to the scheme 40 to 40. Supports for garters are not required.

As soon as the plants take root, it is allowed to make fertilizer compounds.to harvest consisted of large fruits. Here are suitable and mineral compositions, and organic.

Fertilizers should be applied three times over the entire growing season.. Watering is carried out regularly, it uses only warm water.

Peppers should be planted in the ground at the end of May as soon as warm weather is established.

Diseases and pests

It is believed that this variety does not get sick and does not suffer from harmful parasites.

As preventive measures are allowed to use chemical compositions, which are sprayed bushes.

But at the same time you need to ensure that the drug does not get on the fruitthat may become hazardous to use.

Growing nuances

There are several nuances to pay attention to.:

  • The ideal temperature for growing seedlings is twenty-four degrees at night, and twenty-eight degrees during the day;
  • at home, tanks with seedlings are kept for two months;
  • When peppers are grown for long-term storage, the crop should be harvested at the time when it turns green, reaching technical maturity. This usually occurs in August;
  • if Atlant is grown in greenhouse conditions, then agricultural technology without features.

Atlant is considered to be reliable and repeatedly proven brand.. Many gardeners annually grow only it, recommending to their friends this amazing pepper.