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Technology of growing strawberries in the greenhouse all year round


Strawberries are considered the most popular berries, which are loved by both adults and children, which is why the greenhouse business has a very high profitability. Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the off-season season the cost of this berry increases several times, but the demand remains the same, which makes it possible to get significant incomes.

Is it possible to grow strawberries all year round?

In order to build a profitable strawberry business, you need to think over all the details of the reproduction of berries and decide on the method and place of cultivation.:

  1. Growing strawberries in the open field in the country, you can get a rich harvest, but its sale will be quite difficult. The main role in this issue is played by the seasonality factor and great competition for this period. Also, we must not forget about the weather, which, with unfavorable results, can destroy most of the berry plantations;
  2. Greenhouse method is the most profitablebecause with its use it is possible to collect ripe fruits not only in the late spring-early summer, but also in other seasons. Properly selected set of varieties will allow to receive a continuous crop and, accordingly, profits throughout the year. Berries grown in a greenhouse will be protected from the effects of natural factors.
Growing strawberries in the greenhouse all year round

Using greenhouses you can grow strawberries year-round, but it is worthwhile to carefully examine all the factors and protect yourself from all sorts of risks. First of all, it should be noted that such a business will be profitable only in areas with warm or temperate climates.. Under more severe conditions, it will be necessary to spend more on heating and lighting the greenhouse, which will create additional costs.

The advantages and disadvantages of the strawberry business

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse is well suited for own business and has a large number of advantages:

  • Strawberry is a very popular berry, therefore finding sales channels is not difficult. You can sell the harvest as a fresh sale, and for processing;
  • Low enough competition - The main peak of sales of strawberries is the seasonal period, but the rest of the time the berries are in short supply and, therefore, their price increases several times;
  • When growing fruit in a greenhouse you can not be afraid that the amount of the harvest will decrease due to adverse weather conditions;
  • Using modern methods of growing berries in the greenhouse, you can grow the largest crop in the smallest area;
  • Strawberry business is very pays off quickly.
The minimum area required to run a business is just a few square meters.

Also, this type of earnings has significant drawbacks that should be taken into account when building a business plan.:

  • The high cost of greenhouses and other equipment, because of what you need to prepare a solid start-up capital;
  • Strawberries require constant care and favorable habitat conditions, that is, when it is grown, it will be necessary to carefully monitor the level of lighting, heating, soil moisture and other indicators. For novice gardeners, the main difficulty may be the need for artificial pollination;
  • High heating cost and electricity.
Strawberry business is best suited for experienced gardeners who want to capitalize on their hobby. The main difficulty of such a business is the proper cultivation of berries, while making a profit from selling high-quality crops will always be at a high level.

How to start a strawberry business?

Before you start growing strawberries, you must prepare the land and greenhouse. It is also very important to competently refer to the choice of cultivated varieties.

Preparation of soil for growing berries

Growing strawberries in greenhouses in winter can be done using sod land

To start growing berries on an industrial scale. acquisition of 1 hectare of land will suffice. With a small starting capital required area can be rented.

In the opinion of most businessmen, the land plot located next to the city and directly by road will be the most profitable. In this case, you can significantly save on transportation of the harvest.

One of the most important nuances will be the selection of soil mixture for growing berries. In the best way strawberry gets accustomed and bears fruit on the soil consisting of the following components:

  • 2 pieces of turf;
  • 1 part of the humus;
  • Ash;
  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • In order to reduce the acidity of the soil, superphosphate, potassium chloride or ammonium nitrate is added to it.

Before planting seedlings land necessarily need to loosen.

Choosing a greenhouse

Polycarbonate greenhouses are best suited for profitable business. In total there are three types of greenhouses, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.:

  1. Frame greenhousesCovered with film is the cheapest option, moreover, such a design is very quickly installed. The disadvantage of this greenhouse will be insufficient protection of plantations during the winter period;
  2. Glass greenhouses also suitable for the strawberry business. In such structures, you can install a heating system, and the glass surface is well-suited to sunlight, so you can create the best conditions for plants. The disadvantage of the structure will be its size and the need to build a foundation;
  3. Polycarbonate Greenhouses This is the most expensive, but at the same time the most advantageous option for strawberry farming. They can install additional heating and lighting, polycarbonate also well passes sunlight. The design of the greenhouse is light and durable, can last a long period of time.

At the initial stage, it is possible to build 3 greenhouses with a size of 30 by 40 meters. One such construction will cost 80-100 thousand rubles..

Necessary equipment

In order to get a harvest not only in summer, but also at another time, in the greenhouse it is necessary to install additional lighting and heating, with which you can get the optimal microclimate for strawberries.

To create a system of artificial heating of the structure, an infrared cable or pipes are laid under the ground, through which warm air will be driven. For heating, you can use an electric boiler or stove-stoves.

It is possible to heat the winter greenhouse in the different ways

Additional lighting plays a huge role when growing strawberries in seasons with a short light day. 400 watt sodium lamps are best suitedWith which you can create an imitation of sunlight. One lamp should be at a height of one meter above the plant and illuminate no more than 1 square meter.

To improve the dispersion of light, you can install special reflectors.

Considering that strawberry best tolerates drip irrigation, it is necessary to build a special system that will consist of a barrel of water installed above the shelves of plants and a rubber tube lying on the surface of the ground. Small holes are made in the rubber tube, the number of which should be equal to the number of bushes.

Strawberry drip irrigation system

Strawberry selection

In order for a business to bring a sufficient amount of profit, you need to grow tasty and beautiful berries that the consumer will like. What varieties are most suitable for growing in a greenhouse? For planting in greenhouses, you should choose repair varieties that do not require artificial pollination..

Self-pollinated varieties with large, regular-shaped berries painted in bright red are best suited for doing business. The presence of rich flavor is welcomed. You also need to pay attention to the density of the fruit, because it is from it depends on the portability of transportation and shelf life.

The most popular are the following varieties of strawberries:

  • Alba;
  • Darenka;
  • Octave;
  • Sonata;
  • Rusanovskaya;
  • Honey, etc.
To achieve the best result, different types of plants are planted in each greenhouse (early ripening, mid-ripening and late ripening). Thus, it is possible to provide a continuous yield stream.

Planting and care

Planting and caring for strawberries is the most important part of the work, because the quantity and quality of the harvested crop depends on it.

Planting strawberries in the greenhouse must adhere to the following rules.:

  1. Before you place the seedlings in a permanent place, a few days kept in a dark and cool room with a temperature of +2 degrees;
  2. When using Dutch suspension technology Each seedling is placed in a separate pot, filled with a nutrient substrate;
  3. If the bushes are planted in the groundthe distance between the rows should be 35-40 centimeters, and between individual plants 20-25 centimeters;
  4. During landing do not bury the heart of the plant;
  5. The final stage will be watering planted bushes.

In order to make the strawberry feel comfortable, they adhere to the following indicators.:

  • immediately after landing the temperature in the greenhouse is gradually increased from 10 to 22 degrees, with the beginning of flowering, this indicator is increased to 25 degrees;
  • humidity should be 75-80 percent;
  • day length must be 10-12 hours.

Water the strawberries with drip method as the soil dries. Once every 7-10 days after watering the soil is gently loosened.

During the cultivation of plants it is very important to remove weeds in time, to trim off excess tendrils, shoots and damaged leaves.

Pollinate strawberries with soft brushes or intensive airing. Some gardeners install hives in the greenhouse.

Once every 14-20 days, the soil must be fertilized with ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride diluted in water.. It is also very important to carry out preventive treatments for diseases and insects.

As soon as the strawberries ripen, you can start picking berries. It is best to do this work manually. In this case, the berries do not hesitate and retain their presentable appearance.

Sales of products

After the strawberries are harvested, you need to implement it. It is worth noting that even the most mature strawberry varieties do not have a long shelf lifeTherefore, it is best to think over the sales channels in advance and conclude a supply contract.

Freshly harvested strawberries in boxes

There are several common ways to market products.:

  • sale of berries to the shops, supermarkets and other outlets;
  • also strawberries can sell to various processing plants, restaurants, etc .;
  • goods can be sold through own retail outlets.

To sell fresh and tasty strawberries is quite simple, because it is in high demand both in summer and in winter.

Profitability strawberry business

Before you start your own business, you must calculate the start-up capital, regular expenses and income received.

In the event that there is no own land plot, 1,250,000 rubles will have to be spent on starting a business, and the expenses are divided into the following components:

  • land purchase - 500,000 rubles;
  • construction and equipment of polycarbonate greenhouses - 550,000 rubles;
  • purchase of seedlings is made on the basis of the fact that 1200 plants are placed in one greenhouse - 3 greenhouses * 1200 seedlings * 50 rubles, the final amount will be equal to 180,000 rubles;
  • business registration and receipt of all necessary documents - 20 000 rubles.
If you have your own land plot of 1 hectare, the starting capital will be significantly reduced to 750,000 rubles.
The profitability of the business of growing strawberries is quite high

In addition to the above costs, you should consider the annual costs:

  • payment of electricity and heating - 20 000 rubles;
  • payment of other utilities -5 000 rubles;
  • fertilizers, processing, etc. - 10 000 rubles;
  • other expenses - 10 000 rubles.

Also, be sure to take into account the fact that every 2-3 years strawberry planting will have to be updated and if you don’t have to prepare seedlings yourself, you will have to re-purchase seedlings.

With the right selection of varieties, you can get up to 5-6 crops of berries. Their cost will depend on the time of year:

  1. Spring-summer harvest will cost 108,000 rubles (360 kilograms * 3 greenhouses * 100 rubles);
  2. Autumn and winter harvest will bring much more profit, namely 270 000. This is due to the fact that in this season a kilogram of strawberries will cost 250 rubles.

Strawberry business can make a huge profit and pay off in 1-2 years. The main condition for the success of the case will be the production of quality products, namely, tasty and attractive berries.

Sample business plan

Strawberries are popular all year round, both in summer and in winter, therefore this business will never have problems with customers.

A business plan for the production of strawberries to be built by each entrepreneur independently. It should include all the individual characteristics of the future business. Adhering to the general scheme, the prepared plan should contain the following points:

  1. Complete information about grown strawberries (variety, germination, terms of fruiting, yield, peculiarities of care, etc.);
  2. Area and detailed description of greenhouses;
  3. The ratio of supply and demand in the market, the presence of competitors and other similar factors;
  4. Industrial plan;
  5. Complete costings;
  6. Revenue Projections; plans for future profits;
  7. Financial risks and the possibility of minimizing them.

The production plan includes all data relating to the cultivation of strawberries (the preparation of greenhouses and seedlings, planting, care, picking berries, etc.) and plans for the implementation of the resulting crop.

Business built on year-round strawberry growing pays off very quickly and can bring a good income. Before starting your own business you need to calculate everything to the smallest detail to avoid failure in the initial stages.