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Characteristics and description of the variety of tomatoes Gina


Even in difficult weather conditions Gina tomato planted in the garden will provide seven tomatoes. Lucky variety and the external characteristics of the fruit, and resistance to fungal infections (as described). When grown in the open field, Gina tomatoes are well grown on the vine, this annually increases the circle of lovers of this variety.

Variety description

Gina - tomato for open ground (OG), with an average maturity (116 days).

The variety is suitable for cultivation in Central and Central Russia. In Siberia, under favorable weather conditions, tomatoes ripen on a bush.

Tomato characteristic

Gina - deterministic varietyself stopping growth after forming 8 brushes. In an exhaust gas, the height of a bush is about 60 cm. Growth of tomatoes planted in a greenhouse may exceed 1 m.

A bush planted in a greenhouse is less sturdy, stems are thinner, less fruit is tied than on bushes in an exhaust gas.

The bush is weak-branching (non-embossed), strong, no need to stepchild. The descriptions indicate that the grade does not require a garter. But in practice, a bush without a support can collapse due to the simultaneous pouring of a large number of fruits.


Fruits can be classified as dessert tomatoes, as they have a flesh of dense texture with a good, harmonious taste. The shape of the fruit is beautiful, rounded.

Color is saturated, red. The skin is dense, smooth. Fruits do not crack, gain weight up to 200 g. The largest weigh almost 300 g. The bush with spicy tomatoes is very decorative.

With proper care, the bush gives the crop in a short time. Efficiency grade for exhaust is good. Remove 10 kg of tomatoes, if you follow the planting scheme 4 plants per 1 sq. Km. m

Purpose of fruits universal. Tomatoes are good for canning, you can pickle sliced: do not fall apart, retain their shape and color. Sauces and ketchups from this variety of tomatoes are thick and tasty.

Purpose of fruits is universal, can be attributed to dessert varieties

Difference between Gina and Gina TST

Genie's Tomato - cultivar, TST Gina - hybrid. This is their main difference. Ripened seeds of tomato gina can be used; hybrid seeds are not suitable for breeding.

CharacteristicGinaGina TST
Ripening116 days100 days
Weight200-300 g100-200 g
Purposeuniversaldining room

Tomato health benefits

The pulp of tomato gin can be called healing due to the high content of vitamins and microelements. Benefit health, strengthen it in the summer can be, using tomatoes in fresh or processed (juice, mashed potatoes) form.

People with heart problems, hypertensive patients need potassium, it is part of the tomato. The daily use of tomatoes normalizes pressure, reduces puffiness.

Useful tomatoes for men after 40 - prevention of adenoma. Lycopene - an antioxidant contained in tomatoes, reduces the risk of cancer cells.

Beautiful, tanned skin is the dream of every young woman. The chance to get a tan beautiful golden hue increases with regular use of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are useful for hypertensive men, men over 40 years

Grade Reviews

Sergei: “The first time Gina planted two years ago. Since then I plant them every year. There are not so many plants, bushes 10. There are enough collected tomatoes to eat and make adjika for the winter.”

Irina: “Gina was planted in the OG and in the greenhouse. The result obtained in the OG arranged more. The bushes turned out to be strong, all covered with tomatoes, which were sung very quickly. I didn’t peck, but I tied the bushes to the support. I think that in the south of Western Siberia, the variety behaves perfectly. "

All stages of planting tomatoes in the ground

In warm regions (southern Russia), this variety of tomatoes can be grown by seedless method. In the middle lane and in Siberia - only through seedlings.

Seedless method

The seedless method makes it easier to grow tomatoes. Sow seeds when the soil warms up, bypass the spring fluctuations of night temperatures. Ridge for sowing to dig in advance. She has to stand for several days.

Under the digging for each square meter of the ridge you can add:

  • ash - 1 tbsp .;
  • superphosphate - 2 tbsp. l;
  • humus - 1 bucket.

On each square meter of the ridge form 4 holes with a diameter of 35 cm. Spill the wells with warm water. When the earth settles, put the seeds of 3-4 pieces per well. Sprinkle with humus.

Before the emergence of the seedlings, water with a small amount of water.. When the tomatoes grow and get stronger, remove the weaker sprouts or transplant them to another ridge.

Sow the seeds when the soil warms up, sprinkle with humus

Seedling method

If you plan to plant tomatoes in the OG in mid-May, then seeds are sown in March. In Siberia, you can sow in April, as seedlings are planted in the ground in early June.

Sow seeds can be in a plastic container with lids. Use high-quality purchased soil ready for use.

To level the earth, to water. Seeds spread out at a distance of 3 cm from each other. Cover with 2 cm of soil. Container to close and put in a bright place for germination.

As soon as these leaves appear, pick out a Gin tomato in separate cups. Grown seedlings land in the ground according to the scheme: 4 plants per 1 square. m.

Seeds are sown in containers in March; in May, seedlings are planted in open ground.

Care features

Gina's tomato is not necessary for pasynkovatA bush is recommended to form into 3 trunks. Basic care, except weeding and loosening the soil between the rows, is reduced to watering and feeding.


Need to water abundantly. The frequency depends on the soil and weather conditions. Ideal irrigation option - drip, otherwise - at the root.

Watering 1 time in 5 days, if it rains, the soil retains moisture well. In dry, hot weather, water more often - 1 time in 3 days.

Top dressing

During the season to spend at least four root dressings.

Top dressingTimingFertilizersDosage
110 days after landing in the groundGUMI Kuznetsova10 liters of water 2 tbsp.
2after 14 daysammonium nitrate10 liters of water 1 tbsp. l
3ovary formation periodpotassium humate, nitroammophoska10 liters of water for 15 g each
4fruit ripeningpotassium chloride superphosphate10 liters of water in 1 tbsp. l each

Growing secrets

We use iodine to increase yields. Add 5 drops to one bucket and mix. Watering at the root of 2 liters per plant.

Accelerate ripening with superphosphate. Need 1 tbsp. l Dilute fertilizers in a small amount of water (1 tbsp.), let stand for 2 days. Then pour the concentrated fertilizer into a bucket of water and spray the tomatoes with this solution.

Gina variety is one of the best among stunted, large-fruited tomatoes. for og. The unpretentious, productive grade can be recommended to the beginning gardeners.